These are legitimate questions and concerns every person in this world is born with, and these questions have baffled the minds of philosopher, scientists, and common people alike. Our Creator Himself is the One who inject those concerns in our innermost conscience, with the purpose of enabling everyone whom He created to search for Him. It is the primary duty of all persons on earth to seek with all his heart to know his Maker, as an adopted child would desire to know his real parents.

Many so-called intellectuals have tried to come up with answers to those questions but were miserably unsuccessful, for it is not within our reach to figure out the purpose of life or the beginning of life when we are not presence when life began. The truth of the matter is- we did not create ourselves; that is the bottom line.
Only the One who saw the beginning of the creation could be able to explain the meaning of life. It is the Builder of the house (the Creator) who determines the purpose of his structure; no one else. And through His own Word (the Word made flesh- the Messiah) HE fashioned the whole universe and the people who dwells in it.

The philosophers and the scientists could not come up with any legitimate answer to those questions because they fail to recognize the existence of an intelligent Being, from whom life began. However, they have resolved to believe in evolution and big-bang theory instead, and have relentlessly injected into the minds of the society that we (the people of the earth) came from nothing (big bang), and we must return to nothing after death. In a way, what the scientists are saying is that - life has no meaning and purposes what so ever. To them, life is all about gaining material possessions and attaining academic heights, which through them, one finds happiness while alive; after death, one vanishes to nothingness. These are people in denial; running away from the reality of the existence a Creator, who demands absolutes submission to His will from every being HE created, both in heaven and on the earth. Moreover, these are those running from the reality of an afterlife (the existence of heaven and hell), which we all will eventually face after death.

The world did not come about by merely happenstance through big bang; either did we evolve
​through evolution.Those theories were invented by Satan himself and were meant as a campaign
​to mock and undermine the Power of the Creator through people (the descendants of Adam).
​And majority of people bought into it.
There is a Supernatural Super-intelligent Creator, who designed and created the universe. And HE
​has a Nameand a personality. And when HE created us, we came with a manual, just as a
​manufacturer would have amanual for his product. So, upon creating us, HE made a manual for
​us, and that manual is called 'His Word'given to our first parent, and later was inscribed as 'the
​Scripture' - the instruction of life on earth and life after death. The Messiah made it clear that
​the meaning of life is hidden to the intellectuals and the educated, butrevealed to babes and suckling: to the humble in heart and to those who tremble at His Word MatthYahu 11:27.

To better understand the meaning of life or why we are here; one has to first, understand the meaning and the origin of this present earth. Only then, you would be able grasped the revelation of the purpose of life. And that brings us back to the true history of the earth, and the earth's first parent.

History of the Earth
(A brief story of us -the people of the earth)
The manual of life or 'the Scripture' told us that YAHUWEH the Almighty created the universe and all
​that is in it in five days (that is 5 eternal days). Within the universe, was the earth, which the Almighty
​set apart from other planets and made it atmospheric conducive for the existence of people. Within
​the earth, in the center of the globe, was the Garden of Eden (the Paradise of Delight). On the 6th day,
​YAHUWEH created Adam, the first earth male; shortly, Eve was formed through Adam. Then, HE placed
​Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, which is in the middle of the earth, to reside there, and HE
​commanded them to take care of the Garden of Eden, their new home. On the 7th day, the Almighty
​rested from His work of creation and blessed the 7th-day, and set it apart from the other days of labor.
And YAHUWEH called the male spirit HE had created in His marvelous Light Adam. Adam is a symbolic
​title, not a proper name, and it means 'the earth/soil person,' in a general term; it means 'the people
​of the earth.' The Almighty named Adam according to his fall, for HE knew before HE created him, that
​Adam was going to rebel and will be expelled from the Garden of Eden. While incarcerated on earth, Adam would become the father of the entire people of the earth. And through Adam would come the two races of the earth: the unrighteous seeds (Cain) and
the righteous seeds (Ab'El). YAHUWEH is Eternal; HE knew the end from the beginning. And that is one of the meanings of His unfathomable Name 'YAHUWEH.'

The Garden of Eden
We, the people of the earth originated from Adam. In the beginning, Adam (the earth people) was created to live
​in the Garden of Eden. And all that came to a sudden end when Adam, through his wife, rebelled against the
​command of El. Upon creation,
Adam was clothed with the heavenly light of YAHUWEH; for he was created in His resemblance and His Light, far
​above the light of the messengers in heaven, until sin was found in him. Then, the Light was taken from him and
​replaced with animal skin, to cover his spirit. Furthermore, in wearing the carnal skin, he may pay for his
​rebellion, which includes, experiencing cold, sickness, weakness, pain, tiredness, and so on, which wasn't
​p​reviously when he was clothed in the extra-magnificent Light of El.
At first, YAHUWEH created Adam in His likeness, to be His first son and a high priest, above all the hosts in heaven,
​until he rebelled. Because of his fall, YAHUWEH preordained the coming of the Messiah; who will come in His
​Name to save Adam and all the righteous descendants of Adam.
In the beginning, the Garden of Eden was located in the center of the earth, like Vatican in the middle of Rome;
​precisely, where the Doom of the Rock is today in Jerusalem, before it was taken to the third heavens, shortly
​after the sons of Seth, whom El called His sons, left their abode to join-in with the daughters of Cain, 400 years before the flood. The Garden was a twelve gated Community; guarded by twelve messengers of El (malakim). And it is four-squared in shape, and its size is 12000 furlongs
(1500 square miles). And the wall of the City garnished with all manners of precious stones.

​Previously, there was another mighty spirit called God'El, one of the arch-messengers of El, whom we know today as Satan; who deceived the third of the population of the hosts and led them into rebellion in heaven. For that reason, YAHUWEH cast him and his followers out of heaven to be temporary incarcerated on the earth for 7000 years; afterwards, they will face sentence on the final day of 7000 years. And those fallen angels were left on earth to trial the descendants of Adam, who will soon join them on the earth; for El fore-knew that Adam and Eve would rebel as well.
So, Satan and his angel dwell on the earth, while Adam and Eve resided in the Garden of Eden, in the spectrum of Satan and the shamed spirits. Therefore, Satan seeks to have Adam expelled from the Garden of Delight, and he found the solution of his plot in Eve, Adam's helpmeet; who was discontented in her place as a helpmate; fantasizing equal place with Adam. For such, it is written, a male's enemy is the one in his household (Samson and Delilah). Through Eve, Satan caused Adam to rebel against the order of El, and they too were cast out of the Garden of Eden to the earth, to be incarcerated and trialed for 7000 years by Satan (disobedience) and his fallen angels (lust). Adam fell from the Garden of Eden through his wife, which symbolically means that the fall of all male would be Satan through women. For this reason, it is written in the Book of Revelation 14, that those who entered into everlasting life were not defiled by (the lust and nagging) of women and disobedience; however, they followed the Messiah- the Word wherever He goes.
Having knowing the brief history of us (the descendants of Adam), the next question and the main topic of this article is:

                                            What is our purpose on earth, since the earth is not our original dwelling?
                                                                              (Why are we here?)

According to the manual of life or the Scripture of Truth, the universe and all that are in it were created by YAHUWEH through His Word. In the 1st Book of Torah, it is written, "In the beginning, El created the heavens and the earth. And the earth came as formless and empty, and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of El was moving on the face of the waters. And El said, "Let there be light," and light came to be."

This was in the beginning; however, 4000 years later, in the New Covenant, the same Word of El, through whom the world was created, came to the earth and became the Person of the Messiah, as it is written in the Book of Yahuchanan, saying, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with El, and the Word was El. He was in the beginning with El. All came to be through Him, and without Him, nothing could have been made that was made." Continue:
He was in the world, and the world was made by Him, and the people of the world did not recognize Him. He came to His own, and His own did not receive Him. But as many as received Him; believing in His Name, to them He gave the authority to become the sons of El; which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor the will of a male, but of El. And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us. And we saw His esteem: esteem of the only begotten of the Father, full of favor and truth."

The Messiah has the answer

It is the One who witness the creation of the world in the beginning, through whom the universe was made; He is the One who knows the true meaning of life, and the purpose of the people created through Him. And this is what the Messiah said our purpose of life is, and this is Why We Are Here:
"To seek first the kingdom of heaven and its righteousness."

We are incarcerated in the earth to seek the kingdom of heaven (the Garden of Eden), where Adam and Eve were expelled from. The righteous take that call to heart; however, the unrighteous people does the opposite of the call - seeking first the material gain of this world and its pride - which is, acquiring material and academic achievements, while rejecting to seek the kingdom of heaven. The priority of the world is in utter disorder. The World seeks after earthly academic ability and materialism, which last no more than 100 years for an individual, that is:
. Two years kinder-garden
. Six-years elementary school
. Three-years middle school
. Four-years high school
. Four-years College
. Two-years graduate school: (doctoral degrees)
. PhD
. Afterwards, landing the dream career, owning a dream house, acquiring nice automobiles and cell phones, and so on. And all these last only 80 to 100 years.

The same enthusiasm and importance people attached to education and career is required by El in seeking the kingdom of heaven and its righteousness. However, HE required that we seek the kingdom of heaven first, because its reward is eternal, not temporal as earthly education. The righteous should do the opposite to the world system:
. 2-years initial education: introducing our young ones to the Name of the Most High, and teaching them how to pray.
. 6-years elementary knowledge: introduction to the ways of El (our origin, the feasts, the Ten commandments, the Torah of righteousness and the prophets).
. 6-years of doctrine: indoctrination of the Scripture and righteousness. Afterwards, in the 18th year: freedom to choice to follow the ways of El or choose your way.
. 8-years of priesthood training: perfecting in belief, en-route to becoming a minister to El at the age of 30.

While acquiring the education of the kingdom of heaven first, then one could obtain on the side, the skills one needs to survive on earth, but the priority first.
Material and academic achievements means little because it is not the reason why we are here on earth in the first place. They are only temporarily tools for our survival in this incarceration. And no one will bring his material achievements before the Almighty in the Sentence Day (Judgment day), when both small and great, young and old, will appear before El in the consummation of time. On that every day, Two Books will be set before YAHUWEH of Righteousness: the Book of Eternal Life and the Book of Eternal Death. Whomever his name is not found in the Book of Life shall be condemned forever- in the incarceration of terror, chaos, and absolute darkness and destitution. And that will become the home of those who did not seek the kingdom of heaven and its righteousness, instead have consumed their live on earth seeking after material world. However, the righteous which forsook the cares of this world, in order to sow into the kingdom of El; each would inherit a residence in the New City of Paradise to come; for where your treasure (investment), is where your heart and your reward be as well.

If gaining material possession and academic achievements is worth going after, the Messiah would have acquired it and taught His followers to do the same. However, He did not, neither did His followers pursue after those gain. Nevertheless, Yahushua the Messiah commanded His follower to forsake the gains of this world, in order to pursue after the kingdom of heaven. And this is one of the things He said, "What shall it profit a person to gaining the whole world and loses his being in eternity, and what shall anyone give in exchange of his being." Material possession is nothing but vanity upon vanity; chasing and storing wind in the treasure box. And that is what the world consumed their lives doing. The enemy has blinded their eyes from the reality of life to come. And that is the reason people seem to lean on the concept of big-bang theory, which portrait life after death as fictitious. I am not saying that education is bad, but it is not a priority compared to seeking after the kingdom of heaven - where we (Adam) were expelled from 6000 years ago. All our gains in this present earth will pass away, but one's investments into the kingdom of heaven will last forever.

The next question is -
What does it mean to seek the kingdom of heaven and what is the Kingdom of heaven?

The Kingdom of heaven is the same as the reign of heaven or the realm of righteousness, and that means: living according to the will of YAHUWEH, that is, submitting to His Word and His Name, in order to secure (inherit) a residence in the City of Paradise (the New Jerusalem), which comes after life on this planet earth. As Yahushua Messiah said, "In My Father's house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you, I go to prepare a place for you. And where I am, there you may be as well."

What does its Righteousness means?

It means finding out what a person needs to do to be saved? And that is, believing in the Name of Yahushua (not any other name), repent, and be immersed in His Name for the forgiveness of your sins, also denouncing the realm of this world, in order to live in the realm of obedience and righteousness.
Furthermore, seeking after the righteousness of the kingdom of heaven also means, to live a life of restored relationship with our Maker, marred by disobedience and ignorance, and doing His will- ascribed in the Book of the Scripture, as it is done in heaven.

How does a person find the Kingdom of Heaven?
By Searching for the Creator.

By seeking with all passion to know who created the kingdom of heaven and all things - to know His Name. His personal Name holds the key to the revelation of who HE is. We are created to seek for Him with all our heart, by our own free choice, not by force, as an adopted son would quest to find his real father. The All-Seeing eyes of YAHUWEH goes through and fro on the earth looking for those whose heart hunger and thirst to know Him; to them, HE sends the Spirit of Truth to fish out of the ocean of spiritual blindness, which plagues the earth, because the world rejected the truth (for men love darkness instead of the light, and will not put up with the truth).
No one finds the Truth; it is the Spirit of Truth that finds an individual who desires with all his heart to know his Maker, just as Abram was searching for His Maker before YAHUWEH sent the Spirit of Truth to bring him out from his people, to make of him a nation of priests.
. The requirement in seeking for the Creator is: you must seek with all your heart, and be willing to let go all falsehood inherited through the tradition of this world. The Almighty willed, in order for an individual to find Him, he must seek with all his passion- that is 100% seeking; not even 99% is acceptable for His revelation.

As we all have ventured to acquire education, skills and jobs required for our survival on earth, the Almighty required that we quest first, to find the kingdom of heaven and its righteousness for our existence afterlife. However, if anyone ignores to acquire the knowledge and skills, and a job for his survival on earth, the end result is homelessness, hunger and pain. Likewise, if a person rejects to prepare for his or her afterlife by seeking the kingdom of heaven, the end results is eternal destitution, darkness and pain.

Enslave for lack of   

Enslave for lack of   
. What is the meaning of life?      What is the purpose of existence?       Why are we here?            Where did we come from?             Why do we exist?
. Where do we go after death?     What is the meaning of my life?          What is life all about?       What is my purpose on earth?         What is the origin of life?    

Adam & Eve cast out of Eden