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The Meaning of El

אל   aleph-lamed

El is one of the official titles {not a personal name} used in heaven to refer or to address the Creator; used frequently instead of His personal Name "YAHUWEH" - in order to prevent His great and ineffable Name from being profaned. Do not use My Name in vain is applicable both in heaven and on the earth. Furthermore, the usage of the title 'El' by the sons of heaven to address YAHUWEH their Maker is a declaration and confession of their total dependency on Him, as the sole Source of their existence.

El: means the Mighty Power which sustains, regulates and holds together all creations, both in heavens and the universe.

El as a title, remarkably elucidates the boundless power of the Creator. In the Book of Enoch, YAHUWEH said that if HE take His eyes off for a moment from His creation in heaven and the universe, everything will be completely destroyed in a moment. Which shows that every single little detail about all aspects of life is under His surveillance and control. And nothing escapes the scrutiny of All-seeing eyes of El, not even a single leaf of a forest tree, or a thought of our minds. Every creation is bare before Him. And all actions and affairs are accounted or will be for- now or later before Him.

El is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. Without His limitless power, nothing would exist. And the hosts of heavens recognized that, and completely relied on the Power of El, but the people of the earth do not; instead they depend on their own illusive strength: academic achievements, military and financial power, to their own shame.

El is also an appellation of honor, and could be seen in some of the names of the heavenly hosts such as:
Micha'El: meaning -     "who is like El"
Gabri'El: meaning -     "strong man of El"
Rapha'El: meaning -    "El heals"
Uri'El: meaning -        "light of El."

Other titles
El-Olam:          "everlasting El"
El-roi:             "El who sees me"
El-haggadol:    "the great El"
El-Yisra'El:      "the El of Yisra'El"
El-kanno:        "the jealous El"
Yisra'El:          "the princes of El"

Back in 3500 BCE, the Canaanite, which spoke similar language as the Hebrews, adopted the title "El" as the name of their chief deity, which confused a lot of people to believe that El simply means a deity, contrary to its true meaning. Until today, the title {El} has lost its true meaning among the nations as "the Power of YAHUWEH which sustains all creations;" however, it is mistranslated as God or deity, adding to the previous confusion.