Esus also known as Hesus is the personal name of the Celtic-Druids sun savior, closely associated to Jupiter or Zeus.
Druids were the priestly tribe of the Celtic/ Gaul, the present day Germany, England, France, and some parts of the Scandinavian countries.

Hesus was born in 25th of December (834 BC) by the virgin mother Mayence, fathered by 'Gudt' the Sun deity.
Hesus or Esus crios was a healing savior, also known as the deity of vegetation, related to Baal, English "the Lord." 
He was regarded by the Romans as Mercury or Mithra. Esus was the third of the Celtic trinity. His element was the wind. 

Some of Druid's worship ritual

1. Cross was one of the components of their worship. A tree in cross shape with lops of branches. The 
    round shape of the cross represents - the Sun deity or Gud.
2. Druids main doctrine was reincarnation after death, and animal sacrifice to God.
3. The worship of nature and vegetation. Mistletoe and oak are regarded in high respect as gifts from
4. Lighting and holding of candles.
5. Sprinkling of sacred charged water.
6. Burning of incense.
7. Prayer for the dead.
8. Confirmation and final vows.

Hesus died on the cross; a lamb on one side, which symbolized his innocence, and elephant on the side, which signified the sins of the world he came to redeem. In Druidism worship, they would face the east towards the rising of the sun, and sing hymns and say prayers to the Sun and his son Lesa Crios or Esus.

The Druids/Gaul were the rising civilization, with well-organized tribal military, and a flourishing culture and literature. They also have a well-organized religion before the war with Roman Julius Caesar.

The worship of Esus was adopted into Roman religion after the Gallic-Roman war in 53 BCE by Julius Caesar, whereas, majority of the Gaulish and Druid priests were taken as slaves after their defeat, and transported to Roman. Druids were responsible of integrating the worship of Esus into the Roman religion. The Gaulish culture also was submerged with Roman culture, and Gauls eventually became Roman citizens. 

Around 325 CE, during the reign of emperor Constantine, the worship of Esus was reinstated once again in Rome, which eventually played a major role in the Council of Nicea, because it was the name emperor Constantine enacted as the official savior deity of the Roman ecumenical faith; as Lesus Christos. However, when "J" letter alphabet was introduced in the 17th century, it was then added to the name esus to masculine it to Jesus. Up until 1600 CE there was no J letter, either in Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, Latin nor English. "J" is the last alphabet added to English. It is the comparatively late modification of the letter " i ". 

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Druids cross
the round loop
represents the
Sun Divinity