Origin of the Word


The word 'man' came from Proto-Germanic word 'mannus' - which means male deity. The term 'man' also was derived from Hindu mythological word 'manu' - a masculine divinity, who came from the sky.
In term, the only true Deity is YAHUWEH the El of heaven; any other deities are but false deities or demons. El will not share His honor with any one.

In the 1st Book of Moshe (Genesis), it is written, "And El said, 'Let Us make adam in our reflection (not image, because El has no image), after our resemblance."

The term 'adam' is not a personal name but a generic title, which means 'the earth person or earth people' comprehensively.
YAHUWEH El created Adam from ha-adamah (the ground). The Hebrew word for 'ground, soil, or earth' is Adamah. 

The Scripture referred all male-beings as adams or ha-adam; which explicitly elucidate our origin. I know the enemy does not want adult-males or the people of the earth to be addressed as adams, because by using the word adam instead of a man, will constantly remind people of their origin, or perphas would cause people to remember the Garden of Eden, where the first adam came from. Moreover, by referring all males to adams also reassured our origin of coming from one parent, in a way uniting the people of the earth under one family.
The enemy would prefer adamkind divided through the color of their skin, or to be addressed as 'men' (a false deities); because he knows, in the sight of El, a person is acquitted by his words (confession), also condemned by his word Matt 12: 37. The prince of this world has deadened the hearts of the people from seeing the light of the truth.    

Another example is - calling someone 'black person.' Black means complete absence of light, or darkness.
The Almighty is an Unexplainable Light; in Him, there is no darkness. El said to God'El (Satan) when God'El rebelled against Him, 'When you were submissive to My Word, you were full of light (whiteness. Note: the color of the messengers of El are pure white, as the color of stars. For that reason, they were called the stars of heaven or whites); now, you rebelled against Me, and I cursed you to become blackness (darkness).

By your own confession, you shall be acquitted, and by your own word (confession) you shall be condemned. For those who confesses the Name of YAHUWEH as their Savior {Yahu'shua}, shall be acquitted because of the Name of YAHUWEH the El of heaven Acts 2:21.