Not only did the Hellenize Hebrew religious leaders did away the worship of YAHUWEH, they also prohibited the use of His Name in circulation. And that was not enough for them: they also scraped His Name from their Scripture Tenakh- supposedly written for the esteem of the Name of YHWH Malachi 3:16-18. And Christianity followed their pattern; putting the heavenly Name of YHWH under ban since 325 AD; such wickedness that is unheard of YeremeYahu-Jer 2:11/ 23:27. However, it was pleasing to YAHUWEH that His Name was hidden from among them, because He is obligated under His Covenant to save them if they called on His Name Yo'El 2:27-32/ Acts 2:21. Since they would not accept the love of the Truth- that they may be saved through His Name, it made sense that YHWH blinded them with His delusion, which caused them to see no worth in
accepting the Name sent to save anyone upon acceptance 2 Thessalonians 2:8-12/ Yh 1:10-12.

However, when Yahushua their Messiah came, this is what He said of the Hebrew religious folks- as He would say to the religious folks of today, I paraphrase: You claim that you serve El of Abraham, Yisaac and Yacob, but I came from Him, for I AM His Word, and I do not know who you are. 
       {Yahuchanan-John 8:42-44} Yahushua said unto them, if El were your Father, you would love Me: for I came forth from El; neither did I come 
        by Myself, but HE sent Me. Why don't you understand My speech? even because you cannot hear My Word. You are of your father the Devil
        and you do the lust of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him.
        When he speaks a lie (changing Yahushua to Esus) he speaks his original language: for he is a liar, and the father of it.   

Doesn't that incident reminds you of the religious folks of today, who claimed to worship the Almighty of Abraham, Isaac and Yacob; however, when you confess His heavenly Name "YAHUWEH" - they scorn or personalize you as occult. Thus, saying YAHUWEH is associated to evil MatthYahu 10:25/ YeshaYahu 5:20-21. The Truth testifies against them, for if YAHUWEH is their father, they would love and respect His heavenly Name above any other name. As it is- they neither knew Him, nor have any part in Him. That is why the spirit of their father within them cannot put up with the Name of YAHUWEH Yh 5:39-44.
It must have been a big blow and devastating to the religious leaders to hear Yahushua the Messiah branded all their years of pastoral duties and religious services to Devil worship, as He would say of religious circle of today. 

                                                                 TRUTH HURTS BUT ALSO SETS FREE.

1. IGNORANCE is deadly, but the worse kind of ignorance is Sincere ignorance: the type you find in religious houses. Many who most assuredly believe 
   that they would inherit the kingdom of heaven when they die, eventually ends up in perdition
MatthYahu 7:21-23.

2. The problem is not that people are unaware of the truth, but they chose to ignore it or take it not serious.

3. Ignorance is the free ride to hell YeshaYahu 5:13-15, whereas knowledge of the truth is the key to heaven.

4. Ignorance is death to knowledge, death to the Truth, and gross darkness to our inner-being.

5. A person who rejects the knowledge of the truth will surely perish in spiritual captivity Rev 13:10. However, Knowledge sets free its seekers from 
   among them Rev 18:4.

6. Ignorance leads to the way of destruction, but one can change its course if he makes a little effort to gain the knowledge of the truth within his access.

7. One of the greatest ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about.

8. The ignorant despised knowledge of the truth and have no regard for it, because truth transgresses their long-held tradition and exposes their wrong 

9. This is the core of ignorance, a person not wanting to learn; or someone who shorn information.

10. We are all born in ignorance, but one must work hard to remain stupid.

Long habit of following a particular tradition gives it a superficial appearance of being right. The Ignorant will hold on to their traditions at the expense 
     of denying the truth, thus, trampling the truth on the ground MatthYahu 15:3-9.

12. Many are ignorant preachers who rob the congregant 'truth and eternal salvation' MatthYahu 23:13-19, but a righteous preacher is a messenger 
     who conveys only the message he is sent for, and fears not what people think Yahuchanan-secular John 12:49-50.

13. The reason for this unending ignorance and spiritual shortsightedness among religious multitude today is "be satisfied in your own opinion and justify 
     other people's views you identify with" YeshaYahu 5:21/ YeshaYahu 66:3-4

14. A wise person trusts in the Word of the Creator for all his decisions, while an ignorant person depends and follows public opinion. Choose you this day 
     which you will follow; the commandments of Truth or the tradition of men 
Yahushua 24:15.

15. The secret of freedom is knowledge: the presence of knowledge is the end of ignorance or spiritual slavery. What the poor beggar in the street need 
      is not money, but knowledge. Set his mind free then he will provide for himself. What the blind congregant need is not Sunday-to-Sunday crumbs. 
      Give them the knowledge of the truth, then, they will discover themselves as temple and priests of the Most High. Ops! the captors or pastors will 
      lose their influence on his subjects and merchandise, and would go out of business 2 Peter 2:1-3/ YeshaYahu 56:10-12.

16. It is impossible for knowledge and ignorance to rule or presides in the same heart.

17. The reason there are so many problems today are few wise people with no voice, and a sea of ignorant leaders with lots of influence and power.

18. Deception made easy 1-0-1: deceive the leaders, and the entire congregant follows blindly like sheep to slaughter. I wonder what happen to 'ability 
     of discernment' the Creator invested in each person that HE created.

The secret of tyranny and religious manipulation you see today is 'keep away the weighty and essential information from the congregant, and they will remain subjected, under control.' The Name of YHWH is the Key of spiritual knowledge. And that was why it was banned in the Bible, to keep the people ignorant,  blind and exploitable.
To keep the congregant spiritually incarcerated, the Church banned the possession of Bible by common people in (1229 CE), punishable by death, under the law of inquisition. Nowadays, the books of Scripture and bible are public books. Why are many still in spiritual slavery, under the subjugation of Religious captors? Answer: You can drag a donkey to the river side, but you cannot make him drink from it. One can be set free physically, but remain in spiritual bondage or in mental slavery all the days of his life. Why, because of his rejection to leave his comfort zone to venture to the path of Knowledge

KNOWLEDGE is acquaintance with facts, truths or principles, which comes through studying or investigation.
. It is also the state of knowing the facts about a particular subject, person, or situation: gained through studying, searching, or investigation.

. It is a state of being aware of the fact, or an exposure to the foundational truth. 
. A state of being enlightened and fully informed about a particular subject or a branch of learning.
. It is also an understanding gain through revelation and experience.

Spiritual knowledge does not come by careful studying of the Scripture, but comes only through REVELATION. 
Knowledge of the truth is given by Almighty YAHUWEH- to those whom HE selected to make Himself known (to honest seekers of truth) Yh 5:38-44/ MatthYahu 13:10-15/ MatthYahu 11:25-27/ Luke 24:45/ Luke 24:25-32. 
YAHUWEH gives understanding to those willing to FORSAKE ALL: (including all tradition, all influence of men, family and friends) to embrace the love of the Truth Luke 14:26-33/ MatthYahu 19:27-29/ MatthYahu 13:44-46. 

Do not give that which is qodesh unto the dogs, neither cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you

It is a waste of knowledge giving those who do not hunger nor thirst for truth- the knowledge of truth. If you do, the same fate of Stephen would be yours (remember he was stone to death Acts 7). Why? Because Truth offends, it usually upsets the long-held tradition of people. To accept the truth means to let go of generations of tradition. Religious dogs are willing to put to an end anyone who offends their tradition; Messiah wasn't exempted neither. Truth is designated only for truth seekers, not to pigs (tradition followers or lukewarm; whose food are feel-good gospels suitable for their itching ears and complacency).

When people lack the Knowledge of the Truth, this is what happens:

They are easily conned into spiritual slavery, conditioned to think in certain way, and converted into merchandise for exploitation, under subjugation and influence of the captor "Satan or the religious leaders" 2 Peter 2:1-3/ Rev 13:5-9.
Knowledge of the Truth triggers spiritual awakening, which break the chain or the bondage of the captor, and its influence on one's life.

                                                                                        Essence of Knowledge

1. The first step to knowledge is knowledge of your ignorance, and openness to learn. However, when someone is ignorant of his ignorance, it is total
    death to knowledge.

2. Knowledge exposes one to the information he does not know that he does not know.

3. Through the knowledge of the truth people shall be saved, whereas, the absence of knowledge, people perishes in ignorance.

4. Through lack of knowledge of the truth- Satan deceived the entire population of the earth Rev 12:9, leading all into spiritual captivity Rev 13:10
    However, when one is exposed to the truth and receives it, Satan loses his religious influence, and his deceit comes to halt in the individual's life. 

5. True knowledge knows the precise fact (root/origin/foundation/original) of beliefs that matter most to him. An ignorant person is only interested in 
    knowing the widely accepted opinions about their most precious belief, while avoiding the precise truth.

6. Knowledge is a pearl far better than all material possession; only those in acquaintance knew its worth MatthYahu 14:44-46

7. The Almighty YAHUWEH appointed a strong delusion for the ignorant who rejects knowledge and resists the Truth, while promoting the vain tradition of 
    men HE did not command 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12.  

8. Religion is a cantankerous captor to her subjects, but knowledge brings freedom. Knowledge is responsible in ushering in the truth, and the truth sets
    His seekers free from religious captivity Rev 17:1-6/Yn 8:32.

9. In searching for the Truth always be ready for unexpected and strange information Yh 6:51-66. Message of the Truth is an unpopular and unattractive, 
    whose trademark is "you shall be hated because of Me." 

10. In conception, every person are introduced and immersed into spiritual ignorance. Nevertheless, one must go beyond the general information to find
     the Truth. Therefore, be willing to pursue knowledge, and be bold to follow its truth to whatever result it brings Yh 6:53-67.

11. Seek knowledge passionately and be humble to receive the truth like a child. Pride and self-contained are major hindrances to the revelation of the
     truth MatthYahu 18:3/ Luke 10:21-22.

12. All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered, the problem is discovering them. 

13. Knowledge is an anti dose of ignorance; a weaponry of war against deception and false doctrines. Arm yourself with Knowledge and be fully loaded
     with the Word, and Satan the master of deception will not mess with you Matt 4:3-11

14. An enlightened person only fights with the knowledge of "Every word that proceeded out of the mouth of YHWH." And his decision is not impaired by 
     circumstantial reasoning, but his trust is only in the Word of the Book.   

15. An enlightened person knows the root or the source of all his beliefs, and always prepares to give an account for them. He lives only by the Word. He
     is not easily swayed to the right neither to the left because the Word of YAHUWEH is his only authority and influence. However, the philosophy of an 
     Ignorant is "the majority rules." If everybody is doing it, it must be right. The ignorant depends on popular opinion for their own salvation.

16. Knowledge belongs to the humble who are willing to learn, whereas, in the religious circus; knowledge of truth is received with scorn and persecution 
     MatthYahu 23:33-39.

17. New information is a treasure to an enlightened person, but an ignorant person hates new information because he is content with all he knows,
     and has no room for truth that produces the fruit of repentance or change of heart.

18. Change or losing the long-held tradition is the greatest fear for religious folks. For that reason, they built iron wall around their hearts to deter any 
     knowledge that contradicts their own tradition.

19. Knowledge is a friend only for seekers, and enemy to them who rejects and thinks of it as not important MatthYahu 13:10-15.

20. The commandments of YAHUWEH are true and trustworthy. The only authority to them their eyes were opened. A wise man will never depend on the 
      view or the opinion of anyone to steer his ride to heaven. 

21. A person is accepted into a religion for what he believes, but kicked out for what he knows. 


                                                                   SEEK KNOWLEDGE AND MAKE FRIENDS WITH THE TRUTH
                                The Chief duty of people on earth is to know their Creator 
                                                                                                               To know Him means:  
. knowing Him by Name: the first step towards knowing someone is knowing and addressing the individual by his or her personal name. Knowing the Creator's proper Name means having   
  access to His power, salvation, and His Presence, in a way, making Him become accessible, capable of being known more intimately and addressed personally
                                                                          {secular Exo 3:15/ 1 Sam 17:45/ Acts 4:7/ Acts 4:10-12/ Acts 2:21/ Isa 42:8/ Rev 22:4} 
. The second step towards knowing the Creator is knowing His Will or desire: what He likes or dislikes- written in His commands- with the intent to obey Him {Matt 7:21/Yh 14:15- 24}
                   People of the earth fell from the Garden of Eden because of forbidden knowledge (secular Gen 2:17). Now, they must be saved through knowledge (secular Hosea 4:6-7)
Thou said YHWH the Creator:
{secular Hosea 4:6-10} "My people have perished for lack of Knowledge. Because you have rejected Knowledge, I reject you from being minister for Me. Since you have forgotten the Torah of your EL, I also forget your children" 

{secular YeshaYahu 5:13-14} Therefore My people have gone into captivity, because they have no Knowledge. And their honorable males (leaders) are starved, and their multitude (congregation) dried up with thirst (for knowledge of truth). Therefore Hell has made itself wide, and opened its mouth without measure: and their splendor and their crowd and   
                     their pomp, and he who rejoice within her (religious houses), shall descend into it.

                                        There is nothing more bitterly in life than ignorance.
               Spiritual Ignorance is worse disease than AIDS, but it is curable with Knowledge of the Truth.

Knowledge of the Truth is a Pearl hidden in the field, which a person finds, went and sold all that he had, and bought the field. The more he digs the field, the more he finds pearl to his great joy.

IGNORANCE: is an intentional rejection of essential information within one's access, and of his duty to know.
. Ignorance occurs when someone deliberately IGNORES or REJECTS information he should know: "because you have rejected knowledge, I (Creator)  
  also have rejected you from being minister to Me" {secular Hosea 4:6-10}.  

. Ignorance is also the failure to consider something important: failure to regard or recognize an important matter to its statue. 
                                              To ignore the Truth means to promote falsehood, thus, trampling the Truth on the ground.
. Ignorance is also the state in which one lack knowledge or unaware of the facts.

               Ignorance occurs when those who can benefit from Knowledge are unable to find or assimilate the knowledge/information
To subjectively ignore information. A condition of being uninformed or uneducated: lacking knowledge of a particular subject. Ignorance: unaware because of lack of relevant information or knowledge.

Danger of Ignorance:

The consequences of ignorance are more horrifying than people thinks. Ignorance is repulsive in the sight of the Creator. The Almighty has put in the heart of all beings to know Him; however, people rejected to do so. Ignorance is deadly as the sin of idolatry, witchcraft, stubbornness, or pride. When someone deliberately rejects or refused to know the Creator, or considers it not important to know His truth: the consequence is eternal damnation. 

Acquiring the knowledge of the truth causes an individual to worship the Creator in truth and in spirit, with understanding. Without knowledge of the true ways of the Creator, all the religious folks are doing are but "observance of man-made religious rituals" and nothing more. Take for instance: 
(secular 2 Chronicles 15:1-3):
And the Spirit of El came upon AzariYahu son of Oded: And he went out to meet Asa, and said unto him, "Hear me, Asa, and all Yahudah and Benyamin. YAHUWEH is with you while you are with Him. And if you seek Him, He will be found by you, but if you forsake Him, He will forsake you. Now for a long season Yisra'El has been without the true EL, and without a teaching priests, and without Torah."

In 2 Chronicles 15:1-3 incident: the religious Israelite, like the religious circus of today- had gone to the temple (church) every Sabbath (Sunday), did their regular ceremonial rituals, sing their worship songs and praise, pay their tithes, and the priests preached a sermon as usual, and the people felt good. Nevertheless, the Almighty YAHUWEH was not with them, neither did He take part in their frivolous ways as they expected Him, because His ways are not their ways YeshaYahu 55:6-9.
For many years, the blind priests led the blind congregants astray, and continued with their worthless religious rituals, until YHWH sent Asa, His prophet to inform them that HE is not with them, neither will share in their feel-good heresy. They worshiped for many years- ALL IN VAIN, like the religious Babylon of today. They had abandoned the prescribed ways of YAHUWEH, to create their own righteousness- the work of their own hand; following their own fruitless ways YeshaYahu 66:1-4. All those years wasted, many in their congregation perished under their watch, because of lack of knowledge of the truth. YAHUWEH's command is the Truth, and the only way to life; outside His commands, there is no life whatsoever secular-Jh 17:17

It is better to live in sin, or an atheist and admit it, than to believe in religion you thought was true but to find out in the end that it is not Matt 7:21-23 

Another similar occurrence which proved ignorance to be deadlier than the bite of a poisonous viper: 
In 597 BC, the Almighty YAHUWEH passed a sentence on His people and sent them to exile in Babylon, because they had refused to repent or hearken to His countless years of loving warning secular Jeremiah 26:1-16. During the captivity, Isra'El forsook the worship of YAHUWEH to join in the famous Babylonian worship of
Ba'al; worshiped under the Babylonian name 'Adonai', translated into English as 'the Lord.' And the reason was, Adonai was believed to be the Lord of vegetation and fertility: the deity believed to be in control of vegetation, farm and harvest. And most Israelite then were farmers, and they relied on a good harvest and fertility for their livelihood. Thus, Adonai, the Babylonian deity of fertility became their choice of dependable.
From one generation to another, the Israelite continued with the 
tradition of invoking the name of Adonai. Although, YHWH had warned them against the mentioning of the names of other deities Ex 23:13. However, in order to preserve the tradition of using the name of Adonai, the people of Isra'El came up with a fine justification, by claiming that Name of YAHUWEH is too holy to utter, thus, justifying their preference to the name "Adonai" or my Baal, English "the Lord"; by denying the Name of YAHUWEH. Consequently, the later generation continued where their fathers had left off till this very day. Trampling the Truth on the ground, they hold unto their own tradition, in vain they worship Mark 7:6-9. YAHUWEH of hosts never commanded anyone to conceal His Name, instead, HE wants His Name to be known Yahuchanan 17:3-6,26. Nevertheless, this is what HE commanded, "Do not use My Name in vain", instead, you should respect it Exodus 20:7/MatthYahu 6:9.

Imprison for lack
 of Knowledge
Knowledge is like a vast ocean within everyone's access